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Help Me Sell My Home

Asking the question, "should I sell my home?"  Put us to work for you. Our goal is to help you sell your home in the least amount of time for the most amount of money. We will seek to understand your selling time frame, assist you in setting a price by providing current market information, and then show you ways to supercharge our marketing relationship through technology, social marketing, and staging your home. Together we can make it happen. 

MLS FastTrack Listing Your Home

There are two ways to fast track your MLS listing. You can click the button below, complete the short form making sure that you choose NOW as your time frame and providing your address in the comments field, or you can text the word FastTrack to 208-360-0401 for an immediate callback.

MLS FastTrack Listing Button

 Our MLS FastTrack service includes FREE:

  • Professional Interior Photos
  • Professional Exterior Aerial Video 
  • Social Marketing and Google Marketing
  • MLS Listing

Here are a few things you can do to get informed about the process

How Much Can I Sell My House for?

You can do a little discovery on your own. Use our home value estimate tool on this page to get a snapshot of what you can sell your house for. Then, based on the estimate, we can do a detailed market analysis to help you make a decision on the price you will ask.

Read The Idaho Agency Disclosure Brochure

The state of Idaho wants you to know what an agent is, what makes you a customer, and what makes you a client. When a real estate professional works with you in any way, they are required to give you the Idaho Agency Disclosure Brochure and tear off the bottom of the form with your signature, indicating that you received it. It commits you to nothing, but is really good at explaining the different relationships in real estate and how you can most benefit. We highly recommend you read it early in the process.

When I Sell My House Do I Sign A Listing Agreement?

Yes. The third step is to get together and talk about your property and the market analysis. We go over the property in detail and determine what features of your home will be listed on the MLS and what price you will set. We complete and sign a listing agreement. We also talk about any disclosures you will need to make about the property. This is also a great time to schedule your complementary interior photo shoot and outdoor aerial video shoot.