Tips On Looking For A House

Once you decide to move and say "I am looking for a house" out loud, the home finding adventure begins. We've complied a few tips on looking for a house that can make the adventure go smoothly. Doing things in the right order and identifying your priorities early in the process will keep your house hunting experience fun.

Understand Your Buying Power Early In Your Search

You can save yourself a lot of time and effort if you understand your buying power early in the process. Buying power basically comes down to how much house you can afford. Some areas near Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Island Park have homes that are modest in price, while some neighborhoods within these communities may have luxury homes. Your buying power will most likely be greater in modest neighborhoods. Regardless, the two financial components of your power to buy will be your down payment, and the size of the loan you qualify for. Contacting a lender early in the process will help you determine the loan amount you can count on. Your lender will give you a pre qualification letter and pre approval letter. Understand the difference between these two very important documents.

Know The Style And Characteristics Of The Home You Want

Very few people get the exact style of home they want, but you can get close. This is especially true when you are looking for a house with someone else. Here are some things to talk about as search that will make life easier.

  • Do you prefer open layout floor plans or a more closed design?
  • Do you know how to describe the style of the house that you like? If you don't know the name of the style you think you like, visit, browse the pictures with the other buyers, and talk about it.
  • Do you prefer a small yard to maintain or a large yard?
  • Do you prefer living in an association or independent of any covenants and restrictions on what you can do on your property?
  • Do you prefer city life with parks and amenities nearby or living in the country.
  • Do you home school or do you plan on sending your children to a local school? If they will go to a local school, will it be within walking distance or does the school provide buses?
  • Is the house in an area of town that has higher utilities or lower utilities?

These are just a few of the topics you should consider while you are looking for a house. The more you narrow your preferences, the easier it is to find your next home.

Use A Realtor To Find A House and Negotiate A Price

Using a realtor to find a house can save you time, and eliminate a lot of heart ache and financial stress caused by issues you may not be aware of. A Realtor can provide you with:

  • A clear picture of the community and the houses you look at.
  • Open doors for you when you find something interesting.
  • Act as a negotiating agent to get you the best price.
  • Advise you on disclosure requirements vital to protecting your interests.
  • Advise you on home inspections.
  • Walk you through the purchase contract and the title process.

Using a Realtor is a smart decision.