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Idaho Homeowners Exemption Property Tax Reduction

If you are reading this before the middle of April, and you recently purchased a home in Idaho that is your primary residence, don't click away. It could mean money in your pocket.

Many people that purchase a home in Idaho as their primary residence don't realize that they are eligible for a property tax reduction under the Idaho Homeowners Exemption. Sadly, even fewer people realize that this tax reduction is not automatic. You have to apply for it. It is not hard to do, but you have to do it before April 15th or you have to wait till the following year. This could mean big money in your pockets.  Sometimes hundreds of dollars.

You can read about this tax exemption on your local county website. For residents of Rexburg and Madison County, you can find the form here.

You can also read more details about Property Tax in Idaho.

The exemption filing date can vary based on holidays. Please check your county for the deadline date during the year you will file.