Rexburg Rapids Water park

Everybody loves water parks and that is true with Rexburg's Rexburg Rapids water park. This is a place that the kids can take a dip in the lazy river, ride the water slides, and have a great time while mom and dad lounge at a table and chair sipping a drink and catching up on the latest book or Facebook postings. 

Opened in 2011, with a bit of controversy, the park is none the less a hit with the kids. And the park is not all play either. There are some serious swimming lessons going on all summer. For around $50 bucks you can get around four hours of private swimming lessons or join a class for anywhere between $40 to $180 depending on the type of class. They even have certified Red Cross classes.

Water Park Fees and Options

Rexburg Rapids water park offers day many options for admittance. You can do a single day, a punch pass, or buy an unlimited season pass. Of course the more you buy, the better the price. And if you buy your tickets before May 1st you can get some serious discounts.

If you don't want to swim at the water park, you also have the option of entering as a non-swimmer. The day pass for this option is only about $3 bucks a person. 

We have personally spent many hours at the water park and our kids love it.  There are water slides, a climbing wall on the edge of the pool, a lap pool, a lazy river for floating, and a water playground with water dumping bucket. Take the time to go to Rexburg Rapids water park with your kids and you have a great time. We promise.